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About Our Authors
Shereece Connolly-McLeish

Co-authors Shereece Connolly-McLeish and Lisa-Ann Thompson have been friends for over ten years. Their vision to create a captivating book series for young and old audiences alike came from their children. The Adventures of Ajalon & Kayla have the two children traveling through time and searching for unique artifacts. Their goal is to overcome the obstacles they encounter and take back to the present ancient artifacts in an effort to free a trapped Kumaji from the glassy globe he has been forced to make his home for several years.

The Adventures of Ajalon & Kayla series is a fun way for children to learn historical facts through stories filled with action and adventure. Each time they make a trip to the past, the kids risk being trapped there forever. Children love Ajalon and Kayla because their characters are not only fascinating, they are relatable.

The Emerald Globe, is only the first book in the anticipated six-book series, The Adventures of Ajalon & Kayla. The authors are already half way through the second book in the series, The Legend of Mulvey’s Crown, which promises to be as equally captivating, fun filled, and adventure packed as the first.

Shereece Connolly-McLeish is a recent graduate of Florida’s Full Sail University. Shereece received her MFA in Creative Writing and was honored as the class valedictorian. In addition, Shereece received the Course Director’s Award for Character Creation and Development. Shereece’s thesis, a one-hour TV drama series entitled The Senate, has been submitted for acceptance in several screenwriting contests.

Shereece is an avid writer of poetry, short stories, and songs. Some of Shereece’s songs have been featured on various reggae artists’ albums. Growing up on the Caribbean island of Jamaica with its rich cultural heritage and stories, Shereece was captivated with a love and passion for writing at an early age. Writing for her was and still is a means of expressing and bringing to life the fantastic characters that roam around freely in her head.

Lisa-Ann Thompson

Lisa-Ann Thompson has a fierce passion for writing, character development, and storytelling. Seeing a story come to life is one of her favorite things about writing. Lisa-Ann has penned many poems and short stories. Lisa-Ann’s most notable work and brainchild is a Caribbean soap drama, Another Man’s Wife. The series is the result of collaboration with writer/director/actor Dayne McDonald and Shereece Connolly-McLeish, co-author of The Adventures of Ajalon & Kayla. Filming for season one of the new show is complete, and the series is currently being edited for television.

Lisa-Ann holds a BS degree in psychology from Hampton University, a tool she uses to help her analyze the psyche of the amazing characters she creates. Born on the Caribbean island of Jamaica, Lisa-Ann immigrated to the USA at age ten. The cross-cultural differences between the countries and the lessons learned from both are something that she tries to capture in the characters she develops.

There is much to look forward to from these young authors. One can hardly wait while these gripping adventures unfold!