Critique Me Into Shape


Constructive feedback is necessary, especially if you are a first time author.  As an aspiring author this is a painful way to improve your skills but is absolutely necessary.  So I have learned. I have also learned that feedback comes in all different types. The most effective feedback comes from an outsider rather than a close friend or even a family member. So true! I always hear the words “It was really good,”  “Nice work,” or “Good for you.”  This is not constructive criticism at all.  It actually is meaningless because you hear the same redundant feedback all the time.  There is nothing constructive about ego soothing critiques. How can this kind of critique aid you in being a great writer? It’s nice that your family and friends care so much but I believe in order to perfect your craft, it’s very important to be able to receive sound critiques.  Hey!  It makes sense right?  This can only make you a great writer.

Lisa-Ann Thompson



At Thanksgiving dinner this question was asked.

What and who inspires you to write?

Besides writing children books, I also write drama stories. My inspiration comes from everyday life events. When I was young I never had a library of books, but what I did have is the world around me. I grew up seeing the struggles of people around that had financial hardships, homeless people having nowhere to sleep because of a fire that destroyed their home. Walking down the street and seeing kids clothed in old torn garments because their family can’t afford new clothes, mothers crying because they can’t afford to feed their kids. I saw my own mother struggle through life just to give me the world.
The world is my muse. I put myself in the perspective of those who have day to day struggles. I write for them, I want them to know that life is filled with hopes and achievements. This is my inspiration to write.

You may not be a writer, but what inspires you to do what you do?

Aspiring Authors The Journey Begins

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to the KLAS Media Group Blog! This is our first of many posts to come. My name is Lisa-Ann Thompson a mother of two, a wife and an aspiring author, your typically 21st century super woman. When I am not being the matriarch of my family, I love to curl up with a good book while snacking on sour patch candies or tamarind balls. By day I work as an office manager at a school in New York and by night I let go and allow my imagination to create stories.
My dear friend Shereece Connolly-McLeish and I have just completed our first children’s book entitled, “The Adventures of Ajalon and Kayla.” This weekend we attended “The Soul of South Florida Book Expo.” It was an amazing opportunity to be able to showcase our brainchild, our baby, the first book in the Adventures of Ajalon & Kayla series, “The Emerald Globe!”  There are lots more to come as we embark on this journey together, so please, join in the conversation, send us your questions and feedbacks, we would love to hear from you.
As always, Read, Write, Inspire!