Critique Me Into Shape

Constructive feedback is necessary, especially if you are a first time author.  As an aspiring author this is a painful way to improve your skills but is absolutely necessary.  So I have learned. I have also learned that feedback comes in all different types. The most effective feedback comes from an outsider rather than a close friend or even a family member. So true! I always hear the words “It was really good,”  “Nice work,” or “Good for you.”  This is not constructive criticism at all.  It actually is meaningless because you hear the same redundant feedback all the time.  There is nothing constructive about ego soothing critiques. How can this kind of critique aid you in being a great writer? It’s nice that your family and friends care so much but I believe in order to perfect your craft, it’s very important to be able to receive sound critiques.  Hey!  It makes sense right?  This can only make you a great writer.

Lisa-Ann Thompson


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