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Best friends Ajalon & Kayla always seem to be getting into trouble. Whether the two are bumping into large shadowy figures or getting lost in a museum, they are always looking for their next big adventure. But some adventures are best left alone.

After discovering an old globe, Ajalon and Kayla set out to solve the mystery of the globe’s hidden compartment. What the two don’t realize is that the globe has magical powers, and soon they find themselves transported back to the 1800s. With no clue what to do, the pair must race against time and retrieve the emerald stone from the grasp of the evil Immabelle or risk being trapped in the past forever!

The characters in The Adventures of Ajalon and Kayla travel through time as they search for unique artifacts to take back to the present. They need these artifacts to free Kumaji from the glassy globe that has been his home for many years.

This series provides a fun way for children to learn historical facts through fast-paced action and adventure. Each time they make a trip to the past, the kids risk being trapped there forever. Children will enjoy reading The Emerald Globe so much that they won’t realize they are learning history or geography by reading it. But what they learn will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Every child should be able to relate to the fascinating characters of Ajalon and Kayla. The Emerald Globe is the first completed book in this series, which will be made up of six books. The authors are already halfway through The Legend of Mulvey’s Crown, the second book in the series. Full of action and fun, it promises to be as equally captivating as the first book.

The Adventures of Ajalon & Kayla is geared towards children ages 8 and up and falls under the genre of Fantasy/Adventure/Action/Geography/History. There is a complete Teacher’s Guide for The Emerald Globe that consists of questions and fun filled activities and can be used by both parents and teachers alike.

The Emerald Globe is being retailed at $9.99. For Schools, Corporations and Professional Organizations, quantity discounts are available on bulk purchases of this book for educational or gift purposes. Special books or book excerpts can also be created to fit specific needs.